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Snoring is a fairly common problem. Yet, it may vary from SIMPLE snoring to apnea.

When we snore, noise is generated by the soft palate and uvula. Airway turbulence created by nasal blockage and thus mouth-breathing leads to palate motion and thus noise.

A complete evaluation and exam is necessary as well as an airway assessment using video-laryngoscopy and Mueller's maneuver.

If indicated, we may suggest further testing and a sleep study in a qualified lab.

Once determined to be Simple Snoring, we can help with treatments to the turbinates to reduce congestion. And, the floppy  palate can be stiffened using radio-frequency or RF such as Coblation.

Soft-palate treatment for snoring is done in the office setting. It is NOT covered by insurance. Three (3) treatments of about 20 minutes are needed, about 6 weeks apart. The uvula may require reduction at the third procedure.

For the 3 visits and follow-up care we charge $2400 total or the 3 coblation treatments and uvular reduction.

Pillar implants have been advocated but we feel that RF is less invasive and leaves no foreign body.