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COASTAL NEAR-URGENT CARE is our office-based rapid visit process.
9-4 Monday and Thursdays
Closed Wednesday, in surgery

Although we generally have long-standing appointments, with at least 2 week waiting lists, we do see urgent and semi-urgent patients with problems that might otherwise require an ER visit.

Still, you must CALL for an appointment rather than walk-in.

We can examine the ears, nose, voice and throat in the office and treat many conditions that can help avoid the wait and cost of the ER.

Routine visits may only require exam ($125-150) and medication, however some conditions may need endoscopy and/or needle biopsy, for example. These may add to our charges which may range from $100 to 200 more, not including lab and x-ray charges.

Cultures and x-rays done outside the office are billed separately by that entity.

Problems we treat include as:

  • Earache, ear drainage
  • Sore throat, tonsillitis, abscess
  • URI, sinusitis, facial pain
  • Eye swelling with sinusitis
  • Neck masses
  • Thyroid nodules
  • Enlarged lymph nodes